The Butchery

Our butchery combines 21st century techniques and skills with a very traditional love of exceptional meats. We like to think we offer the service and products of an old-fashioned butchers’ shop but with the knowledge and skill of a modern chef. The team take meat that’s been grown slowly with care and passion and simply prepares it for customers in the best way they can. Visit our shop and you’ll find a passionate team keen to share their knowledge and enthusiasm.

We use a huge range of very modern equipment, from our dry aging chiller to our impressive packing machine. The aging chiller is used for storing meat, almost everything we sell is aged for a period of time from our lamb and pork which is aged for seven days to our beef which is aged for no less that 28 days. Doing this allows the meat to develop its flavour and tenderness. Our new packaging machine allows us to focus on what’s important, rather than being distracted by slow time consuming packaging processes we can spent the time making sure the meat meets our exacting standards.


The Farmshop

Our farmshop, which will be opening soon, will act as a shop window for all Todenham Manor Farm and other local producers has to offer. We’re excited to provide exceptional local produce to the surrounding villages and also promote local producers within the community, whether it be a cooking oil made down the road or a piece of cured meat crafted with our very own produce by a local chef.