Exceptional Meat



At Todenham Manor Farm in the Cotswolds, we are very proud of our award-winning meat and beautiful farm. We care about our animals and the environment, planting trees and creating ponds to enhance the natural habitats.

The picture we’ve commissioned captures different parts of the farm, from the beautiful farmhouse and Meadow Lane to the instantly recognisable Todenham church spire. Our farmland has been producing and supplying food to locals since medieval times and it’s our privilege to continue.

Our passionate team is dedicated to high standards of animal welfare and uses ethical, 21st–century farming practices. Every breed that we have chosen to farm is carefully selected for its exceptional meat. Our modern butchery and dry ageing chiller allow this meat to slowly develop its tenderness and delicious flavour. When creating and selling such a special product provenance is really important so all of our products are fully traceable.

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