The Manor & Farm

Our beautiful farmland was once owned by Westminster Abbey and has been producing and providing food for the local community since medieval times. The farm and it’s manor had fallen into a poor state of repair before the family purchased it in 2005. It’s now been lovingly restored to it’s former glory and the farmland is more productive than ever. While it’s important we run a successful farm and business we understand the value of caring for the landscape and it's inhabitants. Since taking the farm on back in 2005 we set about a program of works to improve the farm and it’s natural habitats. We built ponds and wildlife friendly areas to encourage the natural flora and fauna. It has always been important to us to care for the farms residents, and we don’t just mean the cattle, pigs and sheep. Although we aren’t organic we farm in an incredibly sustainable way. We rest fields and don't farm intensively. This isn't just caring for the environment though it’s about the welfare of our animals and the quality of the meat we produce and sell.

If you’d like to visit the farm and stay in our beautiful farmhouse follow this link to learn more or make a booking.

Sustainability, it’s key to everything we do and we're fortunate to have an incredibly passionate team. They all have a passion for farming with native, traditional and rare breeds, carefully selecting them for their superior taste and tenderness. Combining both tried and tested farming techniques with a very modern understanding of animal welfare they understand the importance of raising each animal with time and respect. We don’t name our animals, but we might as well! All of the animals on our farm are lovingly cared for, we feel animal welfare is incredibly important and it’s something we pride ourselves on. We respect the animals from field to fork and feel that it really does affect the quality of the meat we’re producing. It’s thought that a stressed animal produces tougher meat, for that reason we’ve selected an abattoir just down the road from the farm. Most of the meat we sell has travelled a matter of a few miles from being born and raised on the farm to being butchered in our in-house butchery. We’re uncompromising and this gives us complete control over each stage, ensuring that we produce the very best results. It’s payed off too, we’ve consistently won Great Taste awards across our whole range of products. If you’d like to find out more about our award winning products take a look in our online store or ask our friendly butchers at our Gloucestershire farmshop.

Our Animals

When creating and selling such a special product it’s essential to have good provenance, it’s also crucial to create and sell a product that is fully traceable. That’s why most of the meat we sell has been born and reared on the farm and the meat that hasn’t has been carefully selected. We’d never sell a piece of meat that we wouldn’t eat ourselves and that isn’t completely traceable.

While we choose to farm certain breeds year-round we also offer a selection of unusual and special rare breed meats to our friends and customers online and in the farmshop. We’re foodies too and love to share the pleasure of trying different rare breeds. If you’d like to find out more why not sign-up to our newsletter to get the latest news or ask our butchers next time you visit the shop.


Probably the most charismatic members of the farm we have a mixture of Old Spot, Middlewhite and Saddleback pigs. All of them are outdoor reared in large pens giving them a chance to forage and feed under fruit trees. None of the animals are rushed, we let them grow slowly and naturally. We then hang the meat in our aging room for seven days, this allows the meat to become more tender and enhances it's flavour. Our pork is exceptional and you don't just have to take our word for it, our sausages and pork has won multiple Great Taste awards.



Almost all of the beef we sell is either Aberdeen Angus or South Devon. Both are traditional native breeds and are known for their exceptional meat. Any foodie or chef worth their salt will know it’s important that a fine piece of beef has marbling, well our beef has lots. It keeps it moist and tender during cooking and helps release the meats delicious flavour.

We breed and rear our cattle on the farm. The meat is grown slowly to develop it’s unique characteristics and is given the same attention and care when being butchered. All of our beef is aged for no shorter than 28 days in our modern dry ageing room and is quality checked and carefully prepared by our skilled butchery team. It’s great to have been rewarded for all of our hard work having won multiple Great Taste awards across the range.


We don’t rear many sheep, instead we go to our friend Richard who produces exceptional lamb on his farm outside Todenham, it’s just a stones throw from our own farmland. He has a mix of native commercial breeds all known for their ability to produce great quality meat. We’re very fortunate that he farms with the same level of care and attention as us. Having used the same local abattoir his hard work is then taken and butchered on-site by our skilled and passionate team. We think his lamb is second to none and we’d recommend you try it!



The Shoot

We believe that our shoot is as important to the farm as our cattle, pigs and sheep! It’s something that we’re really proud of. A great example of this is our head keeper, he’s been instrumental in creating and managing the ponds and wildlife areas. Again this is because an environment that has been carefully managed is more productive and also encourages the natural flora and fauna. We offer shoot days through the season and pride ourselves on the fact we try not to let any birds go to waste. We sell Pheasant, Partridge and Duck both online and in our farmshop. Why not try a fully prepared piece of game when it’s in season. If you aren’t sure how to cook with it we suggest you find some inspiration by looking though some of our delicious online recipes or ask our friendly butchers next time you visit. We’re certain you can create some special meals which are sure to impress your friends and family.

If you’d like to find out more or arrange a day shooting please follow this link to our contact form. If you’d like to make the most of your day and aren’t local book to stay in our farmhouse along with your guests, ask about availability when arranging your day.